About Us

This exciting new biusiness has evolved from a combination of things:

Firstly - This is where our passion lies. We are passionate about creative lives for ourselves that are happy, healthy and harmonious. It is so important to us to create a busines that inspires us and others to live a better life. A business that promotes good health, positivity, respect for others and respect for the environment. A business that is ethical and promotes community spirit.

Secondly - This business has also evolved from customer demand and from all the wonderful support and encouragement from all those who know us. The little journey of creation for this business started with out little gluten free cake stall at the Armidale farmers market. Togther, Kathy (mother) and Sarah (daughter), created the Gluten Free Goddesses market stall. Twice a month for over a year we set up a wonderful gluten free stall that we were so proud of. The response that we received from out customers was amazing. People were so excited to have so many gluten free options. 

As we developed our market stall, we realised that many people were also seeking dairy free, vegan and paleo options. With great pleasure we started creating delicious recipes to cater for may different requirements. Many of our customers soon became very loyal regulars and their support and encouragement is really the main thing that drove us to open our whole food store and cafe.

Along with all the locals, we hope our loyal market stall customers will now find us at our new location in the main street of Uralla (diagonally up from the Brewery in the old St Davids Church). 

This new store has been created for all of you.

We hope you enjoy.

Kathy, Sarah & Chris


About Our Team

We are a family operated business consisting of Kathy (mother), Sarah (daughter) and Chris (son). We are so excited to be working together to offer this great business for our customers. 

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Kathy Munday

Kathy completes the family trio bringing a wide range of knowledge in healthy eating and well being. She is a trained body ecologist and has had over 25 yrs experience in health foods and hospitality.

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Sarah McDonald

Sarah's passion is cooking. She has been a local chef for over 17 yrs. After having her own child Sarah delights in creating healthy wholesome food that is nourishing as well as delicious.

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Chris Munday

Chris is very passionate about coffee and has been a barister for over 2 yrs and is very proud to be offering high quality organic coffee to the people of Uralla.

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