The Wholefood Store

wholefood store

Our wholefood store stocks delicvious and exciting products such as:

Fresh local fruits, vegetables and herbs
Organic breads
Gluten Free Breads 
Sprouted breads 
Free range eggs
Organic dairy
Dairy alternatives (milks, yoghurt, icecream)
Vegan cheese
Organic grains
Alternate flours
Alergy free snack food
Probiotic drinks
Cultures vegetables
Healthy oils and fats
Local preserves and condiments
Local handmade beauty creams
Natural laundry powder and cleaning products

Everything we sell is either local, organic, allergy free, vegan, paleo or superfood/healthfood. 

Some of our products are all of the above, how exciting is that!!

We are happy to be offering this shopping experience to the people of Uralla and the New England area. We hope you choose to come and shop with us and enjoy all that we have on offer. 

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